At a certain point, it'd be less embarrassing to escape over the grass.

Bad drivers need to get places too, guys. From the first few very slow millimeters of movement, the driver of this little blue hatchback is announcing "controlling this mass of metal makes me extremely anxious and I'm not about to start speeding backwards at idle speed." If you're pressed for time (unlike this driver), imagine the Benny Hill theme song in your head and check out the .gif below.

While this person valiantly attempts to turn more than 15 degrees at a time, the true tragic figure of this drama reveals herself: the poor lady who got into the station wagon on the left, and unwisely chooses to honor traditional etiquette about letting someone in mid-pullout go first. She even starts to leave, and then must have seen something that falsely convinced her that the blue (perhaps Toyota Yaris?) car was about to finally figure it out. By the time she realizes her mistake, however, it's too late. She has to wait it all out.

In case you don't want to wait it all out, however, check out this shortened .gif of the whole thing:

The parking lot at the Inner Ear Hospital is a risky place.



Sources: Ben McKenzie on YouTube | Daily Dot