This Chinese man was arrested on a train and found to have a wrap of heroin hidden in his foreskin.

He has the posture of a man with drugs in his foreskin. (via Metro)

The debate over circumcision is a heated one. There are a lot of common arguments made for either side, about health, sensitivity, religion… but this is a new one, and it could be a game changer.

There's no doubt that if this unnamed Chinese man had been circumcised, he would have needed a different (inferior) strategy to smuggle a plastic wrap of heroin through tight security on a train from Beijing to Tibet. He probably would have had to do something boring like swallow it or put it in his butt. But because he was uncircumcised, he had a handy skin flap to tuck it into, or roll it up in, or something. I'm not sure exactly how it works; I'm circumcised. And I'm not a smuggler.

Officials noticed the man was behaving suspiciously on the train (I have to imagine constantly adjusting his pants), so they arrested him. They didn't find any drugs in his belongings or clothes, but his urine tested positive for morphine, so they subjected him to a classic Chinese "lengthy interrogation." Ultimately, he confessed, and produced the wrap of horse from his hog.


If they want to put this guy in prison, they're going to have to be careful. Every day they'll have to check his foreskin for a nail file.

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