It's hard to call people lazy when you copy and paste the same stock image 4 times.

This is, hands-down, the laziest, most drugged-out thing I've seen all week. 

1. Seriously, those zombies. It's the same 3 zombies repeated over and over again, and they didn't even hire someone to make a new drawing. That image is downloadable on stock images sites for a small fee (like $0.69 small). Which means that some random artist out there drew it. Some random artist who, I'm just gonna go out on a limb here, may well be an occasional pot user. Way to go, @drugfreeamerica.

See, if they were tweeting stoned, they'd be too lazy to make a huge mistake like this.

2. The title is "Marijuana Fact" - There are 4 separate "facts" in this image. Well, I guess you could make a case for this, since really only "16.7 million regular marijuana users" (which is actually a low figure if you define "regular" as once a year or more) is a fact. The other sentences are predictions of varying quality. In fact, when asked by others on Twitter, including a NYTimes reporter for facts, they responded with 3 (here they are) articles from the same "Unmasking Marijuana" site, which despite being a propaganda site with low production qualities, still doesn't even back up the data. Not only that, but they actually seem drunk in their first reply:

Sources: @DrugFreeAmerica