Trimming the bushes the hard way.

If this guy's intention was to impress his family with a perfect execution of a trampoline move called the "seat drop," the result would have to be considered a disappointment. However, if the goal was to make his daughter laugh and go viral by launching his drunken ass into the bushes, then a hearty "congrats!" is in order.

Good call on the daughter's part to grab the camera. Anytime a drunk, out of shape guy decides to show off his skills on a trampoline, chances are it's going to be worth having on video. The footage may have also come in handy while trying to determine which direction to send the search party.

Convincing dad to take the cigarette out of his mouth was a good idea as well. It's as if she knew where he would wind up and was trying to prevent a simple, drunken trampoline fail from turning into a forest fire.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Metro UK