Oohmalala oohmalala bee sting or something.

In this video posted to YouTube by Hope Draper and then posted to Reddit by user maduran, two very unimportant things are happening:

1: A drunk man gets a whole train to sing a camp song with him. He's drunk. He's British. If there are words to this song he either doesn't know them or can't slur them out correctly. 

2: A younger dude gets rejected by the camerawoman.

In the only part of the video that makes sense, the younger dude asks, "How the fuck do you know this?" but he can't even get his question out before the woman behind the camera (presumably Hope Draper) pans back to the drunk. What does the old drunk guy have that the young dude doesn't? "He's more interesting." 

Sorry bro, drunk guy's charisma game is tight, but it's fun to watch you desperately sing with him for the rest of the song to save face.

(by Myka Fox)

Sources: Redditor maduran | YouTube