It would appear the barber of Seville has a neckbeard that needs attending to

Look, weird people: we keep telling you fedoras are not cool, and you won't listen. Perhaps you won't listen because the reason fedoras are not cool is not due to the inherent shape of the hat, which is fine, but it's because of the type of people who wear fedoras. In other words, you refuse to accept that you are self-identifying as a lameoid, and it's really hard to convince someone that they're doing that. So, I present you with this video evidence from Spain of a man trying to rob a pharmacy with a gun and being totally disrespected because he's clearly just a fedora-wearing, forum-dwelling, neckbeard weirdo.


Maybe if he had tipped his fedora more gracefully? Alternatively, it could be that we don't know the full story here, and that this guy was locally known as a loser who can't be taken seriously even before he bought the fedora. It still doesn't speak well of fedoras if that's the kind of person who dons one, though, does it?

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: KHOU