"Someone's been drinking my wine - and there she is!" (via)

If you like your fairytales with a little edge, then you'll enjoy the story of the young woman the Internet has dubbed the "real-life Goldilocks."


Chancy Layton was given the new moniker after a Florida couple came home late Saturday night to find her asleep on their couch wearing clothes that belonged to them. Unlike the three bears in the original tale, the St. Augustine homeowners threatened to call the cops after discovering that Layton had also helped herself to some of their food and wine. That's when the stranger on their couch grabbed some of her stuff and fled the scene, which might have been the end of the story if her passport hadn't been among the stuff she failed to grab.

Having identified her, the police found her a short while later wearing the couple's clothes. Layton told the cops that a friend she knew only as "Jeremy" had told her that the balcony door would be unlocked and the house would be empty. The reason Jeremy happened to know about the unlocked door was because he'd already broken into the house, stole some things and left it that way. Some friend.

Evidently, the exact hours the home would be empty was a bit of a grey area.

Layton was charged with burglary, petty theft and criminal mischief. Police said she was apologetic and wanted to return the clothing to the homeowner, which sounds like a nice gesture, but is probably not up to her at this point.

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