Warning: Not sold at your local probation office.

I'm not one to judge. If you're a convicted criminal out on probation who wants to risk his freedom by getting stoned and watching X-Men: Days of Future Past in the privacy of his home, that's on you. You're an adult; go live your life. That said, you've got to set some solid ground rules for yourself.


Take this guy Alvin Cross, Jr. in Albany, Georgia. He's heading right back into jail for a full year because he accidentally texted "You have some weed?" to his probation officer. Next to "I have three heads in freezer! I want more!!!" that's got to be the worst thing to text to a probation officer. No matter how cool the guy is, he kind of has to follow up on it. It's his job.

Now, this all could have been avoided if Cross had simply listed his P.O. in his phone as "DO NOT ASK THIS MAN FOR WEED." If that's too long for your phone, "NO WEED NO" will work fine. He probably had the dude listed as "PO," which is really easy to text instead of "POT GUY." Total rookie mistake.

Next rule: Don't have cocaine in your house when the cops come to search you for your stupid text message! What an important rule! Maybe even more important than the first. The moment that you realize you accidentally texted your probation officer about ganja, make certain your next thought is, "Do I have any cocaine in my house?" If the answer is yes, then do everything in your power to get that cocaine out of your house as fast as possible

Sources: WALB News