If you want to make it in the movie business, you have to take a lot of roles, even if the police have a warrant for your arrest.

If only he could rob banks as well as he acts. (screengrab via AOL video)


Another actor chewed up by the big Hollywood system. You give your whole self to this profession, and the universe says: who cares?

That's exactly what happened to actor/convicted bank robber Jason Stange who recently starred in a low-budget horror film called Marla Mae while the police were searching for him for violating his parole. Jason Stange is a man so dedicated to the craft that when the law said "lay low" he said "NO! I'm getting my name out there. The Jason Stange brand will survive despite the law."

Stange is such a good actor that the producer Brandon Roberts claimed he rewrote the role of "a doctor who does something deranged" specifically for Jason Stange. Mountains were moved to make sure this man could shine in this piece of cinema. And yet, the American justice system decided to smash another great actor's dreams.

So what if he broke his parole after a ten-year jail sentence for armed robbery? I want to see him creepily flirt with a woman half his age who will be covered in pasta sauce (blood) in the next scene! Free Jason Stange, I say!

There are no small roles. Only small brushes with the law that might keep you away from your shoots. I can only hope they show a jury the final cut of the film before they make a decision.

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