For grammatic clarity: A bus driver made the female caller's nephew smell his own farts.


In the newspaper business, if it bleeds, it leads. Lesser known and slightly less important is the saying that if it's really weird and gross and contains details that may be uncomfortable and no one really wants to talk about it, it's probably in the police blotter. This story is weird in so many ways, not least the way it was written. We're pretty sure our caption is correct but it could also be that it is a lady bus driver forcing her own nephew to smell his own farts. Suddenly, instead of repressed-bus-driver rage exploding on the smelliest kid on board, it's a heart-warming story of an aunt playing with her nephew. Alternatively, the female bus driver pushed her nephew's head towards the male caller's buttocks while the 911 caller was farting. One thing is for sure, though, we're not going to Subway in this town.

Sources: Redditor Zettelmeier