"I consider myself a devious criminal genius, but I only have one phrase for taunting cops."
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Crime may not pay, but taunting cops can even result in the removal of your $200 passing-Go money. English petty criminal and grand idiot Sam Greenwood apparently decided that spending four months in the UK equivalent of juvenile detention for drunk-driving without insurance wasn't enough jail time. So, when he was released in April, he decided to forgo meeting any of his appointments with his probation officer. Naturally, the Rochdale North division of the Greater Manchester Police Department then posted his picture on their facebook page looking for information on his whereabouts. Less naturally, Sam commented on the post using his own facebook account and issued his now-famously-unoriginal taunt of "catch me if you can."

In the most heartbreaking part of the story, the cops just tried to be nice about it at first, telling him he was a talented young man who shouldn't throw his life away. Did we mention this is not in America? Sam then taunted them again, but as a GMP officer later stated, "Unfortunately, this man was always going to be a hostage to fortune once he decided to goad us on Facebook." A few hours later, Sam was spotted by officers on patrol and arrested. 


The cops' response? An equally-unoriginal line from Monopoly. But hey, at least in this battle of clichés, the good guys won.

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