"Don't get well too soon, brah. I need mad pills first."

If you think frat guys are just a bunch of testosterone-charged meatheads who think the rules don't apply to them, prepare to have all of your negative preconceptions reinforced. An anonymous tipster sent 70 screenshots of the Facebook page for Florida International University's Pi Kappa Alpha chapter to the Miami New Times. The brothers had been using their Facebook page for all kinds of charming activities, including buying and selling weed and adderol, planning hazing and vandalism, and sharing naked photos of their female classmates. Apparently, none of them had thought to sign up for Internet 101, and therefore they had no idea that these posts were 100% publicly accessible.


The offending posts have since been taken down, but through the magic of the Internet, we can share them with you now (see how this works, fellas?). The majority are about drugs:

Well, that's a stupid thing to put online, but innocent enough!


Could just be an honest question...


Maybe he's looking for a coffee date?


Well...does...he...could really be about anything...

Yep, that's the one. That's a straight-up Facebook drug deal.

They talked about maybe doing some frat-sponsored cheating:

How about a chapter-funded course on Internet privacy?

They talked about hazing, and they talked about how hazing isn't what it used to be:

In my day, we had to run drunk and naked through the cafeteria in the snow uphill both ways.

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