When you've been married a long time, you have to try new things like tampering with your lady's parachute while skydiving.

There must be an easier, legal way to get out of a marriage. (image via Thinkstock)

Experienced skydiver Victoria Cilliers planned to spend Easter Sunday like any other person: jumping out of a plane for fun. Little did she know that her husband had tampered with her parachute in what police are saying was an attempt to kill her.

British Army sergeant and extremely stupid husband, Emile Cilliers, checked out an Army parachute for his wife, then in an attempt to throw her a little curveball (I'm guessing so they finally had something to talk about at Easter dinner after years of painful silence) he removed pieces called "slinks" so that the primary and backup chutes would fail to deploy properly.

It is very rare for both chutes to fail, and even more rare for someone to survive a fall of this kind, but Victoria survived. I'm guessing they're going to have a long talk about what happened. Or never speak again since the guy is definitely going to jail for a long time.


Here's a tip: if you're unhappy in your marriage, you can always try new things in bed, see a therapist, or just file for divorce. You don't need to make the scariest hobby even scarier by trying to murder your spouse.

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