She just loves your iPad so much, Allen, she wants to give it many kisses.

When Allen Engstrom left his iPad on a plane, he probably assumed he'd never hear from the gadget again. To his delight, and ours, Engstrom's iPad started communicating with its former owner via the goofy selfies its new owner was snapping at a rapid rate. The Cloud that now inextricably connects our eternal souls to our gadget photos and iTunes purchases forever and ever (Amen) was set up to auto-load Engstrom's iPad pics to his phone. We have to say it's a stretch to call this woman a thief seeing as it would appear that Engstrom lost his iPad, and this woman simply found it and failed to return it (despite his information being etched into the back of the case). Not a super-ethical person, sure. But look at how much she's enjoying that iPad! Perhaps the gadget fell into the right hands. It's not like she's using it to do anything evil like make a Harlem Shake video. More pics of "Ugly McCrazy Shirt" grabbed from Engstrom's Facebook page below:


Glamour pout.


Guilty pout.



Even guiltier pout.

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