Every student of martial arts prays they never have to use their skills, until a bike thief threatens the dojo.

Active outdoorsman and Jeep enthusiast David Menzies (left) blazes a trail through the window of a bike shop (right). (via Bay News 9)


David Menzies's plan was a simple one: Take a Jeep on a permanent test drive, then rob a sporting goods store of a bunch of bicycles. However, Menzies would have to face an entire Krav Maga self-defense class that was in session next door.

As Menzies broke into Kona Swim Bike Run, the co-owner of the adjoining Hammerfist Krav Maga, Jason Carrio, went to investigate the commotion. Finding broken glass on the ground and a strange man putting bikes and clothes into a brand new Jeep set off Carrio's Krav Maga danger senses. Carrio and a handful of martial arts instructors confronted Menzies.

"Hey, is that your stuff? Are those your bikes? What are you doing?" Carrio hollered as Menzies wordlessly continued to load up on things that weren't his. Things just weren't adding up. When the martial artists threatened to call the police. Menzies offered to wait in his already-running car. Now Carrio's Krav Maga sense was really tingling. He told Bay News 9, “I knew as soon as he got into that car he was going to try and take off and the car was running."

Carrio then Krav Maga'd the thief out of the car and into submission. "I just reacted. I just felt like this is the right thing to do."

Sources: Bay News 9