He's not the hero the Internet needs, deserves, or wants. But he's there. That's something.

Oh, Batman bin Suparman, what happened to you? Sometime around 2008, perhaps earlier, the above photo of a Singaporean ID card began circulating the Internet because of obvious reasons. Everyone was, of course, delighted he existed and hoped only for the best from this aspiring hero. Sadly, he has just been sent to jail for breaking into a store on two separate nights and stealing $450 worth of goods, as well as stealing his brother's ATM card and roughly $550 in US dollars, and one charge of consuming heroin. That little spree was pretty naughty, and combined with Singapore's famously strict judicial system, Batman bin Suparman will now go to jail for three years (where, presumably, he will train and escape and meet the future Bane).


Of course, because this is the Internet, there is a Facebook fan page with 11,000 members demanding his release. Because...he's Batman bin Suparman!

Just to quickly answer the eternal question around Mr. Suparman: His first name is almost certainly a reference to the comic book character, because it has no precedent in the Javanese language (as you can see by his ID, he's Javanese). Suparman, however, is a common name there. Su- is a Sanskrit prefix meaning good, which is also where we got the word super in English (and by English, I mean Latin). Since the parents almost definitely (there was no official statement I could find) named him Batman after the character, they definitely were familiar with the DC universe and understood that Batman Suparman was hilarious. The name "bin," of course, is Arabic. Contrary to American belief, "bin" does not mean "probable terrorist" but in fact "son of." Like "Mc" or "-son" in Irish or English/German names. So his full name is actually Batman son of Suparman. Which is hilarious.

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