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There's a new winner of America's Next Top Mugshot, and her name is #CuteMugshotGirl!

After getting busted for possession of Xanax with intent to distribute, most people would find themselves in a dark place, but Alysa Bathrick saw the felony drug charge as opportunity to shine. After spending four hours in a Raleigh, North Carolina jail, she sent out a Tweet to her fans, reading "Surrendered myself at 7 a.m., got released at 11:30 a.m. Fuck what you heard. And my mugshot's cute."

Alysa Bathrick may have a serious drug problem, and she may be a criminal, but she's no liar. At least when it comes to the picture snapped by the Raleigh, North Carolina police department.

Alysa not only has the look, she's got more attitude than Charlie Sheen on a coke binge. Far from being bothered by possible jail time, Bathrick seemed to get a kick out of her viral fame, retweeting all sorts of come-ons and drug jokes from horny dudes. When one of her followers asked her what she was charged for, Alysa responded with this:

Bathrick seems aware that the quickest way to instant fame these days is a hot mugshot, and she appears determined to make the most of this golden opportunity.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

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