"What's tonight's latest showing of 'Think Like a Man Too'?" (via)

Andrew Hardy, the man who inadvertently created what will no doubt be this year's most popular Halloween costume after strolling into a Queens McDonald's with a knife in his back, gave an interview to the NY Post where he pretty much solidified his status as one of the baddest dudes on the planet. 

When asked about his casual attitude towards being stabbed in the back, he said, "Shit, I got a cool demeanor."

No kidding. The average person creates more drama after being figuratively stabbed in the back. And the average McDonald's customer makes a bigger deal out of their fries being cold.

Hardy was on his way to meet his daughter to see Think Like a Man Too when he saw two guys fighting. When another guy jumped in making it a two-on-one beatdown, Hardy attempted to break it up. That's when he felt a sharp pain in his back and realized he might have more pressing issues than finding a good seat. So he walked across the street to McDonald's where he knew there would be cameras in case his attacker had plans to get his knife back and finish the job.

Before and after a load of laundry. (via) 

That's where Hardy called his daughter and said, "Yo, we might not be going to the movies. I got a knife sticking out of my back." Which makes it sound like their plans depended on the movie theater's policy regarding customers with blood pouring down the back of their shirts.

Not surprisingly, Hardy's daughter got upset the way you do after finding out your father has been stabbed.  He said, “I stood outside just talking to my daughter. Just staying calm. Probably longer than I should have — but that was my little comfort zone.”

Hardy eventually passed out in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. The identity of the attacker is still unknown. It's also not clear whether Hardy and his daughter have been able to see Think Like a Man Too yet.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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