Have you seen these amorphous blobs?

Back in 2011, an Oklahoma City woman arrived home only to find her belongings in disarray as two men rifled through her things looking for valuables. To make matters even more terrifying, they then proceeded to hold her at gunpoint for a full hour as they finished up their business. Because I suppose they were completists. After they left, she called the police, but nothing ever came of her testimony. As far as anyone knew, the two home invaders got away with it scot-free. 

Or did they?

Now, three years later, a friend of the anonymous victim was randomly looking at her friend's home on Google Street View (for reasons that are never fully explained), when she came across the above picture of the alleged thieves, taken on the day of the break-in by a Google camera vehicle. Apparently, these geniuses saw the house they were gonna rob, saw the Google vehicle, put two and two together, came up with zero, and then went on with the job. Whatever happened to criminals avoiding instruments of photography? Isn't that, like, the first thing they teach you in home invasion school?

Anyway, the police are now on the lookout for two humanoid-ish figures in the American Midwest who were potentially in possession of a blue and a yellow shirt three years ago. If you have any information, please contact Oklahoma City police.

You can watch the original KFOR news segment here.

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: KFOR | h/t Death & Taxes