Bad girl's boot.

Normally, driving off after getting your car booted would be considered a dumb move. But the fact that the woman in this clip was leaving an audition for the Oxygen Network's Bad Girls Cluba show where trouble is the brand—makes the stunt kind of genius. They have to give her the gig after this, right? Who are they going to go with, some girl who gets sassy with waiters after a few too many cosmos, or the girl who deals with a parking boot on her beemer by driving off as if it were a pebble on the bottom of her shoe? If it's a bad girl they're looking for, they found her.

Did she miss payments on the car? Was she parked in a handicapped spot for several hours? We don't know, and she doesn't care. She's got somewhere to be. Most likely, a court appearance.


But don't feel bad for her. Feel bad for the Oxygen employees who have to deal with these psychos.

Sources: Reddit