It's nice to be robbed by someone who is at least familiar with famous art mustaches.

It has now been a year since Danielle Bruckman lost her iPhone on New Year's Eve, 2012. She's not sure exactly what happened that night (as is common with thefts and New Years Eve in general), but the result was that her phone ended up in the hands of this guy, who didn't realize she could see all of his selfies. Instead of calling the cops, Bruckman turned lemons into a hit blog about lemons, called My Cloud Pal. Said Bruckman,

See, there's a bright side to companies hoarding data: sometimes they screw up and it's fun.

Bruckman has only posted one re-enacted photo for each month the phone has been missing (she might have ended up being the creepy one if it was every day), and they tell a tale of hair, dispair, and workout-based redemption:

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