Landed on Perp Walk. (Via Twitter)

If you've involved in a relationship that's getting serious and the two of you are thinking about taking it to the next level, try playing a game of Monopoly. If it doesn't end in a screaming match with the board flipped over, pieces scattered around the room and police at your door, then that person could be The One.

Alyssa Ferraro was arrested after a game of Monopoly ended with her slapping her boyfriend in the face. Hooksett, New Hampshire police responded to a domestic disturbance call where Ferraro admitted to slapping her boyfriend with an open hand. I don't know what the rulebook says, but when your opponent bypasses not only Go, but Monopoly jail, and winds up going directly to actual jail, I'm pretty sure you win.

The game of antitrust. (via ThinkStock)

The reports don't say what led to the slap, but if the guy was stealing money from the bank, or, even worse, putting hotels on expensive properties and mocking her as he collected back-breaking rent money, then she's probably better off without him.

Ferraro was charged with domestic violence-related simple assault.

Let this be a lesson to anyone getting together with family over the holidays. The game has been destroying relationships and shattering families for over a century. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and hide the Monopoly box in the garage until January.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

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