In Arizona, pretty much the only way to pass the time is to hike a mountain, rescue a horse from a swimming pool, or try to assassinate the moon. Or, you could do what two Phoenix idiots did, and set off every single firework inside a Walmart.

The only fireworks that can legally be sold in Arizona are those little poppers, sparklers, and those boring-ass smoke snakes, but fires can get out of control really quickly, especially in a dusty Phoenix hellscape.

That's why everyone in that Walmart ran for their lives, except whoever was casually taking this video as though he were trying to surreptitiously film a Walmart couple having a fight, and these two goofballs looking back at their handiwork.

From surveillance footage, never look back.

Now they are looking at serious jail time. Police intend to charge them with a class 2 felony, which is just below murder. They could be jailed for 20 years, not to mention the metric ton of fines that go with it. As if living in Phoenix isn't enough of a prison sentence.