Female servers from three restaurants say they were forced to wear high heels to do their jobs.

(Mike Licht via Flickr)

Today in "ugh" news, female employees from three restaurant chains say their employers have mandatory high heel policies. Meaning they are not allowed to run around carrying food to make money to live unless they also have to balance their body weight on pointy cones. One of the chains is called Boston Pizza. So that one makes sense because it's probably really fancy. Just kidding, and that still wouldn't be a good reason, as the Cannes Film Festival organizers recently learned.

A few days ago, GlobalNews published a story about one of the restaurants, Moxie's, and now servers from Boston Pizza and Original Joe's have come forward too. One server complained about losing partial feeling in her toes, while another said that a doctor's note explaining why she couldn't wear heels was rejected and her shifts were taken away. All three of the restaurants, which are surprisingly in Canada, where you'd think they might know better, have publicly denied having these policies.


I think the way to settle this is for the corporate leadership of all three chains to come together for a community town hall where they all put on high heels, walk around for five minutes, and realize what they've done.

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