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A fifth grade science teacher at Cincinatti Hills Christian Academy was put on administrative leave after nude photos she'd taken of herself showed up online. Problem is, she didn't put them there.


The photos appeared on a revenge porn website where users submit nude photos of ex-lovers and people they just want to screw over. The teacher had filed a police report claiming her iPhone had been stolen. The only questionable part of this is that the stolen iPhone report was dated the day after the photos went online. But still, no one posts photos of herself on a revenge porn website. Someone posts it against your wishes. That's why it's called revenge porn.

So what happened here is an adult woman took some nudes of herself (what was once classily referred to as "boudoir photography" before the Internet degraded everything). As far as we know, she had every intention of those being kept private or in the hands of a trustworthy lover. Or perhaps she meant only to send them to a dematologist to get an opinion on some moles that had sprouted in various parts of her body. Either way, she took some pics, didn't put them online.

Someone else put them online to hurt her. The school responded by suspending her.

One could argue that she made a mistake by taking the photos in the first place. After all, nude photos stored on your computer have a magical way of ending up online. One could argue that she deserves to be suspended simply for having nude photos of herself on her phone.

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