Jack: A true original.

Jack's owner—or patron, as it were—has found the perfect way to express his frustration about owning a dog with an artistic temperament. His eBay ad for a "Half-Chewed Cole Haan Wingtip by Emerging Canine Artist, Left Shoe, Size 11.5D" captures the way all dog owners feel when their dogs destroy something big: pissed, but also a little impressed.


The artist poses with his masterpiece. (screengrab via eBay)

As the ad explains, it's not just a waste of a perfectly good dress shoe. It's a complex social commentary:

It's also not a stand-alone installation. There was a performance component:

The ad includes a helpful section "about the artist," where interested buyers can learn about other works of art:

Sources: Ebay | h/t Terrence Nowlin