Man seeking equally terrified woman. (screengrab via

Someone posted an ad to the Boston Craigslist this week titled "Escape the Apocalypse with me." The 36-year-old male claimed to be seeking a woman who would run away with him now to his shelter and help him repopulate the planet when the Ebola epidemic was all over.



The ad reads:

Ebola is about to break loose in America. It's already in Dallas and Atlanta. Boston will be its next stop I am sure and soon airplanes, taxis, and the T will not be safe. Don't wait for it to be too late. I have been prepping for about 10 years in the Vermont mountains and have a hidden sustainable bug out shelter well off the grid and completely self sufficient. I only fear that by going there now, alone, I will emerge in 10-15 years to find humanity has succumbed to this modern day plague and I will have no way to keep the species going.

Sadly, the ad has since been taken down by Craigslist, and has confirmed that it was written by a prankster who is "not actually looking to meet anyone." The guy, who is married with kids, wouldn't reveal his name, but said his post was a response to the fear-mongering on and similar websites.

The good news is that this guy has the right idea: nothing brings out the promiscuity in people like their imminent deaths. The bad news is that instinct may be counteracted by a fear of exchanging deadly bodily fluids. Your best bet is probably to keep that bug out shelter to yourself. And as always, avoid meeting people on Craigslist.

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