Frankly, "the devil put fossils in the ground to confuse us" is a much better form of bullshit.

We can see it now: a History Channel special 80 years from now (in Chinese, of course) about how when China and the US went to war, they did it with 6th-generation fighter planes based on science, and we had to use biplanes because fundamentalists decided airplane evolution was an affront to God. Anyway, this dad got really angry because he sent his kid to a seemingly-nice private school affiliated with a Christian denomination (as many private schools are), and it turned out to be this. Apparently the school is really good about reading and math, so he didn't notice a problem until someone on TV mentioned the age of the Earth and his daughter blurted out "were you there?" When asked why she was saying such weird things, it turned out that "were you there" was the correct answer to her test:

Technically, she didn't use enough exclamation points for "BIBLE!!!!!" but she's 9, so...


Fortunately, he's now correcting her false teachings at home and is sending her to a different school next year, where they don't teach kids that T-Rexes prowled Eden (which, by the way, we don't think anyone alive today was there for, either).

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