- Just wanted to let you know that it's possible to exercise and then not post about it on Facebook. - The only tough mudder I can brag about involves 25 minutes on the toilet. - The fact you're running outdoors in this weather tells me you have deeper psychological issues. - Unless you tripped and smacked your face on the treadmill, no one wants to hear about your workout. - I'd run 26.2 miles to get out of earshot of you talking about running a marathon. - I can hardly smell that you've decided to start riding your bike to work. - I wish CrossFit got your personality in shape as well. - Congratulations on your extreme fad workout giving you the energy to sit at a computer for nine hours a day. - I hope running a marathon heals the psychological wounds you suffered as a fat kid. - CrossFit is a great way to spend $300 a month to do calisthenics in a warehouse. - Sorry no one can tell you've been working out. - I hear yoga does amazing things for people who incessantly glorify yoga - My hardest workout is trying not to look bored while you tell me about your workout - I'm half impressed you ran a half marathon. - I see your CrossFit updates all the time and I think it's just great that you're keeping all those other weirdos away from my happy hour. - Good luck not hitting the wall and shitting your pants in public - May your nipples bleed less than expected during your marathon. - My new exercise routine is running away from people who tell me about their new exercise routine. - Unless you discovered a dead body, I don't want to hear about your morning jog. - CrossFit is a mix of cardio, strength training, and incessantly talking about CrossFit. - Post one more thing about your workout regimen and I'll start posting pictures of when you were fat.