Yea, let's keep our expectations resonable. *Does not apply to Kenyans

If running a marathon is anywhere near as excruciating as listening to someone blabber about how they're training for a marathon, then marathon runners need all the encouragement they can get. Unfortunately, whether by design or accident, not everyone who makes signs to cheer on these gluttons for physical punishment suceeds at their objective. Here are our favorite signs of the unmotivational kind.

Which is like saying "Worst Category 5 Tornado Ever."

Trust us, you always have a chance to take a dump.

No one wants to be weighed down with thinking about Kardashians in a race.


Funny caption.


"What do you mean "floats"? ARE YOU SAYING I'M FAT?!?!"

There's probably a cause & effect relationship between these two signs.


Just bitches? That's pretty sexist, bros.

This team sponsored by the Sour Grapes Bar.

Sadly, Lisa finished 143rd. And then died. Many years later.

Ahem, that's Mr. Sweet Tits to you, buddy.

Not necessarily marathon-specific advice, but sure.

Great, now it's mile 23 and I feel both exhausted and guilty for laughing.

You too, ugly face.



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