Apparently, a former president of NBC thought Monica was a slut for sleeping with Paul the Wine Guy on their first date in the 'Friends' pilot.

Look a these gleeful sluts! (Getty)


Remember Paul the Wine Guy? Remember how Monica was so excited to go out with him? And how he pretended that he hadn't boned anybody since his divorce? And how Monica felt so bad for his sad, lonely penis that she decided to help him out by sleeping with him after their very first date? You were such lying creep, Paul the Wine Guy!

The only thing worse than Paul's antics was the reaction of one NBC executive who watched the Friends pilot and, according to co-creator Marta Kauffman at the ATX Television Film Festival in Austin, “was having trouble with Monica sleeping with a guy on the first date."

After watching the scene where Ross explains to Monica that Paul's whole act was just a way to sleep with her, the former NBC president said, "she deserved what she got." Kaufman remembers hearing that and reacting like so: “At which point fire came out of my nose." Yep, sounds about right.

Oh, and it gets worse/weirder. Apparently the raging misogynist wrote up a middle-school style questionnaire, and one question was, "For sleeping with a guy on a first date, do you think Monica is a) a slut, b) a whore, c) too easy, d) none of the above." Get over it, dude! Thank goodness this antiquated way of thinking has been completely eradicated from TV and Films! (Feel free to laugh-sob).

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