The Back to the Future movie franchise captured the hearts and imaginations of anyone who's ever dreamed of traveling through time to make their parents bang. In the sequel, Marty and Doc travel to the future — Oct 21, 2015, and OMG — THAT'S JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY! Everyone is losing it over Back to the Future Day, and auto maker Ford is no exception. In honor of the holiday, the car company is finally giving people what they've long demanded: a flux capacitor on a Ford Fiesta. (The flux capacitor is the key component to time travel, duh.)


The cost is a whopping $1,219,390, but who cares. Once you purchase a flux capacitor, it's easy enough to go back in time, invent Google, and stop your crush from seeing you get de-pantsed at a pool party. Ford does recommend you “avoid your past self at all costs, as this could potentially cause a rift in the space-time continuum." But again who cares, because this is obviously not real. Which is too bad, things would be so different if Amanda never accidentally saw your dong.

Sources: Mashable