Yet another reason to bow down to the almighty Yeezus.

When it was announced that Kanye West was headlining the Glastonbury Festival—a British music festival predominately featuring rock groups—a lot of people were pissed. They wanted someone with a "better attitude" who was strictly a rock performer. So many people were pissed, in fact, a petition calling for Kanye's removal as headliner garnered over 130,000 signatures. Needless to say, Yeezy was up against a lot when he walked on that stage.

Kanye did what he always does, though. He stuck his middle finger up to the haters in a brilliant act of defiance. He performed the most rock-ety rock song known to man: Bohemian Rhapsody (He also declared himself "the greatest living rock star on the planet," but that's a different story).

Some people (including Adam Lambert) made fun of Kanye's singing voice. They are missing the point, though. It's not about whether or not Kanye sang well. Kanye himself even admitted that he can't sing in a Rolling Stone interview a few years back:

"I like to bring up the fact that I can't sing, dance or play an instrument, but somehow I made it to the mountaintop of music."

It's about the gesture of going this arena rock show where the odds are stacked against you and laughing in the face of antiquated ideas about rock stardom. Anyone who actually pays attention to Kanye's music will understand that his work has always transcended traditional genre boundaries. Kanye has even collaborated with Paul McCartney, literally the biggest rock star alive. The people bemoaning their beloved traditional "rock stars" need to stop clinging to old ideas. Hats off to you, Kanye. I'll hurry up with your damn croissant any day of the week.

Sources: Consequence of Sound