Director Paul Feig tweeted an image of the updated Ecto-1.

Who you gonna call? I'm gonna call everyone! I'm so excited! (via Wikia)

The hype for the Ghostbusters reboot just keeps heating up. First we saw some tantalizing images from the set, then Paul Feig tweeted pictures of the uniforms and proton packs that will be used by the movie's new roster of female Ghostbusters. Now, Feig has come through with the motherlode. This is what every red-blooded Ghostbusters fan has been dying to see: their famous car, the Ecto-1.

Oh man, that's sweet. The red hood is a nice touch. At first glance, it looks pretty similar to the original Ecto-1 from 1984. But if you compare it to that car, you'll see they're actually pretty different.

Wee-oo! Wee-oo! Sorry, I can't help but make that noise when I see it.
(via Wikia)

The tailfins might be gone, but the attitude is all there. The original car was a Miller-Meteor Futura Hearse/Ambulance Combination mounted on a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood Professional Chassis. We'd need an automotive expert to determine the make and model of the new one, but it clearly has an impressive pedigree as well.


Will it be able to handle those tight Manhattan corners like the original did with Bill Murray behind the wheel? Only time will tell. Until then, we'll be waiting.

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