Never has watching two people do The Stanky Leg conjured such different feelings.

Face. Off.

This should be obvious. Riley Curry, the 3-year-old daughter of NBA MVP Stephen Curry, has long had her image circulating around the Interwebs, because she frequently wows us with her insane adorableness. So you might think, duh, Riley whipped it and nae-naed (not sure that can be used as a verb, but I'm going for it) the competition into oblivion. Let's see:

Wow. Unbelievable and, hands down, The Winner. Unless... Do you like getting creeped out?

Holy sh*t. When it comes to flawlessly executed dance moves by Uncanny Valley demons, this Incredibles' character completely nails it. While I enjoyed Riley's dance enormously, I didn't watch her with my faced twisted in horror, unable to look away for fear I'd conjure this nightmare into my waking life if I took my eyes off it for a moment.


Well, it was a trick question. We, the viewers, are the real winners in this competition. Because there was something for everyone! Now excuse me while I scream into a pillow.

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