He's a monster.

Whyyyyyyyy? (via Imgur)

I know why I'm alone, because my reaction to this Imgur post by BrianDangerFlynn wasn't one of loving support. He had his beloved, sweet Manini, drawn by artist Dylan Bonner as a half-dozen Disney princesses for Valentine's Day. Such a beautiful gesture...but why couldn't they have just picked ONE? Why all of my childhood's greatest hits?

Manini gets to be Belle. Jasmine. Mulan. Ariel. Whatever the one from Tangled is called. Isn't it enough to be in a devoted relationship? Save some princesses for the rest of us. You're making all the drawings I commissioned of myself as Belle look totally psycho!

She's looking at her boyfriend buy your dream house. (via Imgur)

And she's gorgeous in real life, too, not just as a cartoon character:

The hell. (via Elite Daily)


Okay, Valentine's Day is OVER. Go home, everybody.

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