Sure, you tip your waiter, your delivery guy, and your hairdresser, but what about the other people that provide you with exceptional service every day? Here are 10 people you should be tipping but probably aren't:


1) The people at the next table whose conversation you spent the entire meal listening to. You're probably accustomed to tipping your waiter for excellent service. Well, nothing improves an excellent meal like an entertaining and extremely personal conversation between strangers, preferably about someone's medical condition, marital problems, or weird religious beliefs. Increase tip by $1 for each sentence you'll be tweeting verbatim.

2) Your dental hygienist. Forget the dentist. She's making big bucks for five seconds of tapping your molars and saying "hmm." You're going to be spending the majority of most appointments with your hygienist, so for an extra deep clean, tip half before your exam and half after.

3) The woman who just pressed the button for your floor in the elevator. She really didn't have to do that.

4) The person whose laundry you took out of the public dryer. Sure, it was wrong of them to leave their clothes in there once the cycle was done, but on the other hand, they probably wouldn't be thrilled to find a stranger manhandling their clean underwear. $2-3 left on top of the mound of clothes on the floor should sweeten the deal.

5) Yourself, every time you pump your own gas. You're a regular filling station attendant! You deserve a Snickers.