Is that 1988-era Morrissey? Oh no, it's just a fat, white cat.

Just shut up and drop everything because this is important, okay? The thing is called "Virtual Try On." The site is Frames Direct. Scroll down to the "Get Started" button and upload a photo of your cat. Then put glasses on your cat. I discovered this when I was sitting at home on Saturday night at around 1:30 AM. That is all and the Internet is perfect now. (All glasses modeled by Tubbs, a fat, stupid, white cat.)


Hey art school girl. Wanna go get a-- Oh my God, you're a cat!


Who's the sexy librarian-- Dammit, it's that same stupid cat!

It's not all about nerdy bifocals. You can also put super-cool sunglasses on your cat.

You can tell this guy likes to party-- Aw man, it's that cat again! I am such a fool!


Don't mess with this tough mother-- Nope, cat.


Who's the 80 year old who just got treated for cataracts-- For the love of God, that cat again!


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: FramesDirect Virtual Tryon