A new approach to an old idea.

If you're the star of a viral video involving an escalator, odds are it's not because you rode one extremely well. Sadly, that's the case of the lady in this video, whose approach to escalator riding could euphemistically be described as unique. What's unfortunate is that she's clearly an older woman, maybe has grandkids, and has likely lived a good life of quiet anonymity. Until today.

Now, thanks to Youtube and dicks like me (and you!) who impulsively click on fail videos for a quick laugh, she's Internet famous as the old lady riding an escalator as if she were strapped to a rocket being launched towards a distant planet.

Although, there is a chance she's just an elderly thrill-seeker who's decided she's no longer playing by society's rules, and will ride the damn escalator any way she chooses. Possible, but not likely.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Jezebel