The cheekiest show on earth. 

Odds are, everyone's pants will split at some point in their lives. If you're lucky, that embarrassing reminder that you need to lose a few pounds will happen when you're at home bending over to pick up a stray potato chip. If you're really, really unlucky, it'll happen after volunteering to ride a camel at a circus and you've been strapped into a harness attached to a cable, so that when your oversized ass makes its public debut, you'll be swung around the center ring like a human yo-yo doing a trick called Around The World In The Most Embarrassing Way Imaginable.

It makes you wonder how this was supposed go if everything turned out correctly. Although, considering the fact that this is a circus featuring an audience member riding a camel, things probably turned out better than anyone could've hoped for.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


Sources: Daily Picks and Flicks