Assault your taste buds! (via)

"Have you tried the Sexual Violence Cake?"

Kind of hits the ear wrong, no? Which is why it's so baffling how a cake with the words "sexual violence" on it in fancy lettering surrounded by red roses wound up being served in Columbia University's dining hall. A writer for the campus magazine Blue and White, Anna Bahr, noticed the cake and sent out the following tweet:

Bahr claims that the cake went untouched before it was sent back, which I guess is fitting. It's awkward enough being the first person to cut into a happy cake, so it's not surprising that people weren't knocking themselves over trying to get to a rape-themed dessert. An executive with the dining hall said that the cake was a well-intended mistake made by members of the kitchen staff, and was not an idea baked up by University Administrators.

Interesting week for cakes. Who would've imagined only a couple of days ago that we'd see one less appropriate than a unicorn farting a rainbow? You just never know.

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