No plates, no problem. (Via Mass. PD)

So close, and yet, didn't get so far away.

A 20-year-old Chicopee, Massachusetts woman didn't have any plates for her car, but she didn't let that stop her. The woman set about making her own fake plates, and made it onto Interstate 391 before a state trooper noticed something was amiss. 

Instead of pressed tin, the woman found a piece of cardboard and cut it roughly. No time to make sure the lines are straight, she had places to go!

She did manage to get the color scheme correct, with her fake numbers outlined in black pencil and then colored in with red pencil. Plus, she made sure to use a blue pen to scrawl "Massachusetts" and "The Spirit of America" in the right places, although she forgot to capitalize "spirit." 

Despite her other attentions to detail, she failed to pick the right color for the month. And even though she pencilled a square in the appropriate spot, she forgot to color in her plate tags marking the year altogether, which could have gotten her pulled over had she had real plates to begin with. 

But I guess it didn't really matter, because what her homemade plate lacked in authenticity, it made up for in childish carelessness. The only place this plate might have passed is in an elementary school art class, although if she was in one of the older grades, she might have only passed with a "C" and a note on the back from the teacher saying "try harder."

Here's a picture of a legitimate plate, for your reference:

Wait, which one is the real one?

The woman was charged with driving with a suspended license and attaching false plates, but they can never charge her for failing to attach false hope. 

(by Myka Fox)

Sources: NY Daily News