Disgusting. (via WCTI)

Happy Place can now confirm that the McDonald's Corporation, the world's largest fast food chain, does not--NOT--support sandwiches being decorated with swastika symbols. 


We know this because the Mickey D's corporate office had to issue a formal apology after a North Carolina woman discovered a swastika burned into the bun of her chicken sandwich. Charleigh Matice noticed the symbol when she went to put mayonnaise on the bun, and jumped to the conclusion that an enlightened employee wasn't wishing her "good luck" in Sanskrit.

Matice's first thought was "Is this a joke? Does somebody really think they're funny?" The short-ish answer would be yes, some chucklehead making minimum wage was probably trying to impress the cute fry cook with the spider tattoo by putting his DGAF attitude on full display. 

Matice, however, was unimpressed, and after she complained, the guy who made the sandwich was fired. Matice was offered a refund, but says it wasn't about the money or a new sandwich, and would like to see the incident addressed at a higher level. “I'm a loyal customer and that's why I don't want people like that representing them." 

Turns out, neither does McDonald's, who issued a statement from the owner of the Moorhead City chain (written while rolling his eyes and pausing to make jerk-off motions with his hands), making it perfectly clear that McDonald's is not in favor of their food being garnished with hate speech:

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