The only gross part of this photo is that he's sitting on a Wendy's kitchen floor.

Man, it just seems like all the cool kids are ignoring health department regulations lately, huh?

A Wendy's employee was caught pouring soft serve directly into his mouth. The other big Wendy's story this week, their 9-patty T-rex burger, was delightful, but this one is somehow even more digusting than 9 sizzling piles of ground cow. Our immediate reaction—to never go to Wendy's again—isn't really fair, considering the kids running McDonald's and Burger King are almost definitely doing this, too. But as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand people at other fast food chains being gross.


Some people are doubting that this guy was really caught doing this by a customer, as the Redditor who posted it implies, but we don't really care when or why he was doing it—just that he was. Also, we here at Happy Place know that fast food workers have no shame. As of today, Wendy's had launched an investigation, but not yet fired the perp. We hope he gets in a few more mouthfuls before his ice cream bandit days are over.

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