The flim-flammer jumped in the flivver and faded.


Ming was a cool cat. He had nine lives to live, but he lived them two at a time. Turned out to be no Sunday School picnic though, as it was discovered that he had been splitting his time as "the family cat" between two New Zealand families. 

Ming (AKA Cleo) went back and forth between homes for ten years and never mentioned the one family to the other. Sure, there were signs. His collar with his name and number had been removed. He was often late for dinner, or would show up having already been fed. He was shadier than the spot under his favorite tree during a cloudy night. But neither family realized that there was another family out there loving him. Love can be blinding.

Now the two families are in a dispute over who the cat belongs to, and the ASPCA refuses to settle the case. Here are the facts:  

Family 1: the Alexander Family

Ming "at home" with one of the Alexanders. (Via Stuff)

The Alexanders were the first family to have actually picked out and bought the Siamese Lothario in 2000 and named him Ming. No, not after the Ming dynasty, but because he was a very sociable cat who loved to mingle. Little did they know how far Ming would take the mingling. 

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