Another for the Senior Quote Hall of Fame.

Guess there was no room left to add "*mic drop.*" (photo via Twitter)

Halfway through the sentence you were probably all like "Ugh, is this going to be another one of those stupid snarky bullshit anti-feminist things?" You automatically assumed she was referring to a man, just like that riddle where a father and son are in a car crash and the father dies and they take the son to the ER and the doctor is like "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son!"* But then at the end you were like "Whooaaaaaa, I'm the sexist one." Kudos to Caitlyn Cannon, I hope in ten years she'll be scissoring her rich wife on a big pile of money.


*(By the way, how sad is it than in our lifetimes that was a real fucking brain bender—a female ER doctor was so unimaginable it was the answer to a riddle. Also, how come the woman couldn't operate on her son? You're never going to get your male colleagues to take you seriously by being so emotional, fictional lady riddle doctor! Lie about your shaking hands, grit your teeth, and get in there and cavalierly wreck your boy's insides!)