(Screen still from Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof")

Finals time is a stressful time for our nation's youth. In days of yore, kids could go ahead and pull a fire alarm or phone in a bomb threat to their school building to get out of an exam. We're of course in a less innocent time now, when such acts will result in the kid getting out of finals due to the felony charges they'd face. Which means they have to resort to more creative methods.

They did say please. (Via Uproxx)

Two girls from the University of Georgia took their desperation to the place where all desperate people end up eventually: Craigslist. They posted the ad above with the following compensation specified:

"W/ permission" makes this a binding contract in Craigslist land. Hopefully, no one took them up on their offer and they faced the music without injury. Finals aren't worth getting hurt over. The only jobs left are barista and "guy with a clipboard bothering people about Greenpeace on the sidewalk," and those jobs don't give a crap about your grades, kids.


(by Bob Powers)

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