Earlier this month, a teenager discovered he had enough money to buy all the skateboards, Sunny D, and high-grade Molly he could ever want in life when his bank accidentally put $31,000 into his account. Naturally, it only took a couple weeks for the money to be almost completely blown.


According to the Athens Banner-Herald, the error occurred when an adult who actually earns a living and contributes to society tried to deposit $31,000 into his account at a Hull, Georgia branch of First Citizens Bank. The teller mistakenly deposited the funds into the teenager's account, since the two account-holders had the same name. This is apparently the only bank in America that hasn't switched to the whole "account numbers" thing yet.

It took ten days for the error to be discovered, and in those ten days, the 18-year-old kid managed to spend twenty-five thousand dollars of his magical $31K windfall. He reportedly took out $20,000 in cash and racked up five grand in debit card purchases. Hopefully, most of the spending took place during a colorful shopping montage scored to James Brown's "I Feel Good."

The bank wants the money back and has involved the police, but the kid claims he thought the money was part of an inheritance from his dead grandmother. The teen reportedly said he would go to the bank and try to settle the matter, but he never showed. As of Tuesday, no charges have been filed, but if the kid doesn't return everything he bought to whatever Hot Topic he's been making it rain at and bring them back their money, the bank intends to prosecute.

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