A big corporation became .5% less evil today.

"I'm working in my dreams, I promise." (Thinkstock)

Investment banking interns are stereotypically portrayed as abused, overworked sycophants who will subject themselves to endless torment in order to nab that full-time offer by the end of the summer. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is trying to break—let me rephrase—dent that stereotype with a new workplace initiative.

In an act of divine mercy, the company has told its summer investment interns not to stay past midnight or arrive before 7 a.m. How generous of you, kind master! But wait! That's not all! They are also letting interns take Saturdays off, thus letting their summer employees taste the rare privilege of being a regular human being.


The changes are the product of ongoing debates surrounding the intense, high-stakes work culture of investment banks, which reached an apex when a Bank of America intern died two summers ago. His death was revealed to be the result of natural causes, but that didn't stop the financial sector from have much needed conversations about healthy living. Maybe they should take Arianna Huffington's advice and try this crazy new experimental drug called "sleep."

Sources: Reuters