Mamma mia! That's a big fish!

This would seem like another tall tale from a vain fisherman, except it's on camera. It's a good thing it is, too, because if Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari wanted to do the old "I once caught a fish THIS big" trick, he would need a 9-foot arm span.

Ferrari was fishing in Italy's Po River when he snagged this 280-pound catfish. It took him 40 minutes to reel it in, which is longer than he had to spend with the thing after it was on land. That's because (brace yourselves) he threw it back. That's right. Rather than spend the next year enjoying frozen catfish steaks, he chose to unleash this horrifying monster back on the unsuspecting Italian people. He's even keep his fishing spot a secret so no one else can catch it.

All in all, Dino only had a half hour to bask in his triumph. That was, however, long enough to snag some sweet (and gross) pics.

(via Sportex)

(via Sportex)

(via Sportex)

By the way, the folks at Gawker think Dino looks like Jon Hamm in this last picture. This is clearly the best week in this guy's life. Last week he was just an Italian bus mechanic. Now he's caught a record-breaking fish (for that kind of tackle) and he's being compared to one of the world's handsomest actors, who also has a big penis.


I'll be right back, I'm going to go buy some fishing gear.

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